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A new LendingTree ad campaign called “You To The Rescue” launched yesterday featuring 3 TV ads narrated by Adam West.  To see what it would be like if Adam West was your inner monologue, check them out below:

Let us know what you think of them!  And keep an eye out for them on TV.

There is also a website that accompanies the campaign, featuring a cool superhero utility belt design.

17 Reponses to “LendingTree Campaign Narrated By Adam West

  • Bruce Trice says:

    Lending Tree got three great ads. I got chills. BAT

  • Scott Edwards says:

    These are almost as good as the Flower Factory “Adam West’s You Can’t Have This Theatre” radio campaign (that predated this and should also be posted here!)

  • I bought the entire Batman Series on DVD, because I loved the series so much.

  • Kurt says:

    Fantastic work. Such an impact the ad makes in 30 seconds, and it would not be possible without the incredible vocal instrument of Mr. West. What a gift, and used to such great effect here.

  • Nancy Hammett says:

    Love the ad… my cousins and I played Batman and My mother made me costumes of Batman and Batgirl… I wore for halloween I recognized the voice right away on TV.

    Thanks for the memories,


  • suz says:

    Zap, Pow, Lending Tree couldn’t have picked a better spokesperson…Mr West I’ve been a big fan for years. I even had a batman costume as kid that I used to practice my batman skills!
    I just caught the Lending Tree Ad tonight and knew your voice immediately.
    Your voice is one of the most recognizable voices being clear, precise, and filled with a confident assurance that all will be well! No wonder Lending chose you to narrate their ads.
    You’re the greatest Mr. West!

  • Anne says:

    I am in Canada and just saw a Lending Tree ad on CNN and thought, “That looks like Adam West!”, and here I am at your website. Of course I remember you from Batman during the 1960s when I still lived in the US, what a great series. You can’t miss that voice! Nice to see/hear you.

  • Tangela Mitchell says:

    I love this video so much that I just had to google it so I can use it with my students to teach vocabulary & words and phrases. What a great tool!

  • Jim Sharp says:

    Holy upside-down mortgage, Batman!

    Seriously, Mr. West, although we see you for only a few brief seconds at the beginning of those spots, I think that you look great.

    And I cannot thank you enough for the memories of Batman. I absolutely loved that show and looked forward to it every week.

    Keep those LendingTree ads coming. We’ll see you tomorrow – same Bat-time; same Bat-channel!

  • Ishmael says:

    The Adam West Lending Tree ads only recently aired in my area. I like them because there’s no slang, no current colloquialisms, just the mother tongue. Thank you, Mr. West!

  • Kim Taylor says:

    I love these ads! Adam West is THE MAN!

  • Ozia says:

    Adam West ftw!!!!
    [ and i second vta motorsports, i did the same.]

    ‘Hey baby, want some adam west *****?’

  • vta motorsports says:

    as soon as i heard his voice i had to google it i love you adam west!!!!!

  • M3 Sweatt says:

    Just heard Adam West’s voiceover for these Lending Tree commercials. Oh, these are excellent as I noted here (http://twitter.com/m3sweatt/status/3981418520)! I think a Windows 7 spot w/ Mr West would be cool.

  • Tony Ashlin says:

    Great Scott! I recognized your voice almost immediately!!!

    Well done Old Chum!

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