Back To The Batcave by Adam West, Jeff Rovin | Signed by Adam West

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Autographed copy of Adam West's autobiography "Back to the Batcave". The definitive true tale of the fascinating life of Adam West, from his childhood on a wheat farm in Walla Walla, WA to achieving global fame as TV's classic Batman. The star of television's legendary show Batman gives a behind-the-scenes tour of what really went on in Gotham City, offering many hilarious and revealing anecdotes, candid photographs, and a complete guide to the 120 episodes of the series. British edition.

Signed by Adam West

"An amiably ungrandiose, entertaining memoir of TV's Batman by the Caped Crusader himself." -Kirkus Reviews

"A light but interesting memoir that as pop culture history is valuable for, besides West's insights, its annotated episode guide featuring his commentary." -Bookist